Rabu, 04 Februari 2009

Loans Solution for Unexpected Expense

If you have ever experienced getting unexpected expense when you short on cash you must be realized how the situation can be very frustrating. It is because borrowing money is quite embarrassing. Even if you want to borrow for money to creditors, you still have to face them and answer their detailed question about what will you do with their funds.

Fortunately, now you can find the option of fast cash payday loans that is a very convenient way to obtain loans for your needs. You just have to complete the simple requirements and they will approve you once you are qualified the requirements. The funds will be sent to your account and you will be able to use it as you like.

Get Cash Loans Easily

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you don’t have anymore cash left but you have to pay your medical expenses which your insurance don’t cover? Well, in such situation, you might feel worried and sometimes desperate, thinking about where you can get the money from. In fact, you can actually get cash advance fro this emergency situation.

Getting cash loans is actually just so simple. You don’t need to provide any document. You just need to contact the lenders, tell the amount of money you need, and that’s all. You will be able to withdraw the fund from your bank account in the very next business day. Since there are many lenders online, you can apply for cash advance online, too. Now, getting cash advance is very easy.

Photo-Photo Peletakan Batu Pertama Ma'had Al-Birr Muhammadiyah di Batam

Ma'had Al Birr Muhammadiyah peletakan batu pertamanya dilaksanakan Ahad 1 Februari 2009, terletak di Komplek Muhammadiyah Asean Tembesi Batam Provinsi Kepulauan Riau.

Ma'had ini direncakan selesai Juli 2009 dan akan menerima mahasiswa baru bulan September 2009, peletakan batu pertama di laksanakan oleh Drs Goodwill Zubair dari Pimpinan Pusat Muhammadiyah, hadir ustaz Abdul Hamid Lc dari perwakilan Al Birr sekarang AMCF (Asia Muslim Cherity Foundation)

Dari Batam DR Chablullah Wibisono pimpinan wilayah Muhammdiyah Kepri, Ir Imam Bachroni Pimpinan Daerah Batam, Imbalo Iman Sakti dari Muhammadiyah Internasional, dari wakil pemerintah setempat hadir Kadis Ekbang DR Syamsul Bachrum.

Ma'had ini kelak dapat menampung 200 orang mahasiswa ber asrama, Insyaallah seluruh biaya di tanggung oleh Ma'had.